Five Dollar Noodles are not Five Dollars Anymore…

Author: |  Published: January 14, 2020

Hard-core Disney World fans will feel the sorrow of this news. Tambu Lounge at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort offers a couple of hidden menu items.  One of them is the Teriyaki Noodles.  This dish has been a hidden treasure for some time now.  The noodles are the same that are served at Ohana, but for only $5.  Although a much smaller serving than those served at Ohana, the Tambu Lounge version offer them as a quick snack without having to pay $60 for the Twilight Meal at Ohana.

Alas, as with anything at Disney, the price was raised in early January to $9!!! Although the Teriyaki Noodles are still very good, $9 for the portion that you receive is not worth the price.


Sadly, another thing that was a comfort when visiting Disney World has been either taken away or priced to the point that it is no longer worth purchasing.

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